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What first comes to mind when you say "travel"?
? “Turn off the phone, put on my headphones - and disappear for a few days”
? “Those dudes from the bar were just on fire!”
?‍♂️ “Legs are buzzing, eyes are burning, sneakers are worn out ... Here it is - happiness!”
? “Wow, what a building! And the roof is cool!”
Who are you planning your next trip with?
? “Me, myself and I”
⛅ “My partner. I promised to show them an amazing sunset”
? “With the gang. The hot spots aren’t hot without us!”
? “Mum, Dad, my little sister, my uncle, whoever wants to go!”
Без чего не обходятся твои поездки? What can’t you live without on a trip?
? “Of course, my favourite sneakers!”
? “Something to read on the beach or in the park”
? “A guide, map, GPS, compass”
? “Camera for National Geographic quality shots”
Here you are in a new city, what’s the first thing you do?
? “Check out the main city attractions”
? “Where is the tasty food?”
? “I will go to the center of the center”
? “A new city, and I'm in an old jacket...? Something’s not right!” I’ll go shopping”
Из путешествий ты с собой привозишь:
? “Something small for every single friend”
? “Of course the tasty food!”? «Естественно, вкусняшки!»
? “Something cool and stylish - clothes, shoes, jewelry ...”
? “Why bring something other than vivid memories?”

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