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Chernobyl Tour
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Post-Apocalypse. Exclusion zone. The site of the world’s largest nuclear disaster.
Chernobyl can be described in different ways – but in reality, it cannot be described with words.
You need to see this with your own eyes.
Sign up for a Chernobyl tour and get ready for an incredible once in a lifetime experience.


Join our Anti-Tour – We will show you a city known and loved by all locales!
A local resident and friend of DREAM Hostel will guide you through all the secret nooks and crannies of Kyiv. We never repeat our itineraries, so you will never know where you may find yourself in the evening.
There is only one thing to be certain of: it will be super cool!

Your Travel-Profile

What to do in a new city? Where to go, who to talk to and what to look for to inspire you and immerse yourself into the joy of travelling? We have the answers – see our personalised travel guide with tips on where, why and how!


Do you want to spend an unforgettable day playing the game “find a guide in the crowd”;, competing with other tourists in the run up to the 34th landmark and learning the intricacies of a guided dialect?
No? We thought so. That’s why we have developed the Slow Travel Guide – a guide to non-tourist destinations and routes for those who want to explore the new city on their own: tastefully, thoughtfully and in no hurry. Download it to find out what the city lives and breathes.

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