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Cena od 13 000 UAH
Cena od 13 000 UAH
We offer you to get an unforgettable experience on a tank range near Kiev. You will be able to drive tanks and shoot from anti-tank cannon and AK-47.

How to book. In order to book the tour we require (PER PERSON): - name as in passport; - date of birth (in the folowing format please - date, month, year) - XX.XX.XXXX; - citizenship; - the date of tour (ask the administrator about the nearest dates). Please, send all information to e-mail dreamhouse@dream-family.com marked "Tank Driving booking” . Payment is made in Ukrainian hryvnias for bank rate on the payment date!
More people - less price.

  • 1 person 15 600 UAH
  • 2 persons 13 000 UAH

Plan wycieczki

Pick up you at hostel at 9 a.m.
Transfer to the Tank range.
Visiting of Soviet military vehicles expositions.
Tank driving master class. BTR, BRDM and other military vehicles driving (only if you know how to operate a manual transmission).
Dressing in military uniforms. Photo session with Kalashnikov and other rifles.
Military kitchen on the range or traditional cuisine at the restaurant.
Arrival in Kiev around 5 p.m.

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Jazda na zbiorniku
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Jazda na zbiorniku
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