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Cena od 1 023 UAH
Cena od 1 023 UAH
Would you like to find out what gift we got from “Uncle” Stalin? How Warsaw was rebuilt after the war? How the reality was created by the propaganda? What was the reason for the “Solidarity” revolution and what happened next? Hop on into our Nysa van and you will learn it all!

You will get surprised by Constitution Square, discover the utopian plans of the Ministry of Agriculture, feel the propaganda at the Palace of Culture and Science (PKiN), and learn about the unknown secrets of the former headquarters of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers’ Party (i.e. the Party House). We will take you to the Museum of Life under Communism (“Charm of the PRL” Museum) where to the sound of an old vinyl playing you will go back in time to understand the reality of the communist regime. You will have a chance to watch some propaganda films while enjoying a traditional drink and snack.

Tour starts at 10:00 am


Private tour cost 750 pln (max 7 people)

Add visit of the Palace of Culture and Science- extra only 40 pln per person!

  • 3 hours tour 1 023 UAH

Plan wycieczki

Pick-up from the hostel in a classic Nysa 522
New Communist World in Constitution Square
Gift of “Uncle” Stalin the Palace of Culture and Science
Heart of Communism in a Party House. Typical Communist Neighborhood
Visit to the Museum of Life under Communism. Propaganda movies
Workers aperitif in the museum
Drop-off at the hostel

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Komunistyczna zwiedzanie Hostel DREAM
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Komunistyczna zwiedzanie Hostel DREAM
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