Tour en jeep de la estación de esquí Drahobrat

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Tour en jeep de la estación de esquí Drahobrat
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Cena od 650 UAH
Cena od 650 UAH
Jeep tour of the Carpathians - a journey through the mountains to prepared for heavy off-road vehicles. For those looking for an unforgettable adventure and has a sense of adventure, DREAM Hostel Carpathians Rakhiv offers fascinating tours on extreme off-road. It is a real fun for strong men and brave women.
Jeep tour - this adventurous adventure that can make both adults and our smallest guests. You will visit the most beautiful places of the Carpathian Mountains, mountain lakes, visit to the alpine ski resort in Ukraine - Dragobrat. It is located at an altitude of 1300-1400 m above sea level amidst a horseshoe Svydovets massif. This geographical location provides stable snow cover on the slopes of the mountains surrounding the tract. Snow may lie here from November to May.
Dragobrat is located on the border of the coniferous forests. Above the alpine zone begins and the mountain range. It offers beautiful views of the mountains of Montenegro and Gorgan. Here you can see the tops of the mountains as the Hoverla, Petros, Dovbushanka, bruises and other mountains of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Dragobrat is located 18 km from the village of Transcarpathian region Yassin and 9 km from the highway Uzhgorod - Ivano-Frankivsk.
In the resort Dragobrat are mountain roads, the state which allows only drive vehicles with four-wheel drive. You will get lots of positive emotions, a sense of oneness with nature, make unforgettable photos and will gladly remember this extreme journey.

Duration of the tour - 6:00 

The tour group is available from 7 people

The cost of one car (4 people) - 2600 UAH.
Lunch at Koliba separately.
Precio desde
  • 1 person 650 UAH

El plan de excursion

You take a comfortable bus from the hostel to the village Yassin (32 km from Rahiva).
From the the village Yassin your group will be transplanted by SUV which is drowen by professional drivers.
Further off-road, you eat in the direction of Dragobrat, the first stop near the cliff "Allegiance", where you can make beautiful pictures.
The next stop on the alpine ski resort Drahobrat (elevation 1400 m. Above sea level). We will stop at Koliba, where you can order dinner to your taste (pre-order). And on the way back is to try everything.
The next stop on the bridge between the mountains Rick and Gendarme altitude of 1600 m (panorama ridge "Svydovets', which is located in the south-east highlands of Ukrainian Carpathians, and is considered the center of Europe).
Then we go to the mountain lake Vorozheska (1450 meters above sea level, a circular shape with a diameter of 95 meters, an area of 0.7 hectares, depth up to 4.5 m).
The final stop of the tour will rest and informative stories of our guide on the shores of an alpine lake Gereshaska. Reference: Lake Gereshaska (. Other names - Cherry-Gerashaska, Dogyaska) of glacial origin. It lies in the south-western slope of Dogyaska (1764 m) massif Svydovets on the height of 1577 meters above sea level. Length 125 meters, width of 110 meters, the area of 1.2 hectares, depth up to 1.2 meters. It feeds mainly snow waters.
After the lake, we return to the Dragobrat in the Koliba, where you eat delicious Hutsul dinner.
Then we go down another road to Dragobrat in Yasinya village, where you will be waiting for transport, which will take you to the hostel.

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Tour en jeep de la estación de esquí Drahobrat
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