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Recorrido por Chernobyl desde la red de albergues DREAM HOSTELS
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Cena od 2,800.00 UAH
Cena od 2,800.00 UAH
The Chernobyl disaster was a catastrophic nuclear an accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in then officially Ukrainian SSR. All people were evacuated from Chernobyl and the districts in a few days after an accident. Chernobyl is a dead town…

What you need to know:

1. Please, keep in mind that the tour shall be booked and prepaid 3 working days in advance. You can book your tour less than three days before the trip if they have a place for you in the group. In this case your price will be higher.

2. For the persons younger than 18 entrance is closed!


4. No sandals, No shorts, No Sleeveless T-Shirts.

5. Please notice, that plan of tour is changeable and can be agreed in advance.

6. In case of late or failure to appear at the gathering place, the refusal of the trip for any reason, the fee for the ride is not returned.

How to book:

In order to book the tour we require (PER PERSON):

- name as in passport;

- passport #

- date of birth; (in the folowing format please - date, month, year) - XX.XX.XXXX - citizenship - the date of tour (ask the administrator about the nearest dates)

Please send all info to e-mail marked "Chernobyl Tour booking”.

Precio desde
  • Booking 10 days in advance 2,800.00 UAH
  • Booking 3 days in advance 4,200.00 UAH
  • Private Tour for 1 person 10,920.00 UAH

El plan de excursion

We meet at Shuliavska Street, 5. The departure time is 8.00 am as usual. We should to ask you to arrive in advance for checking your passports, dress code, etc.
Departure from Kiev
During a 2-hours ride to the Exclusion Zone you will watch a video called Battle of Chernobyl, a documentary.
By 10.30 am we arrive at Dytyatky checkpoint. Be ready with an open passport to show the police.
You`ll go to the town of Chernobyl: transfer through the city center to the memorial park “Sagebrush Star”. The alley of evacuated towns and villages, “The Third Angel” monument and others memorial places.
You'll enter to 10 kilometer Zone on Lelev checkpoint, see the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, cooling water pond , the very Reactor No.4 and the arch-shaped shelter over it.
Lunch at the Power Plant canteen- all ingredients are brought from the outside and ecologically clean. A vegetarian meal is available upon request. Lunch is not include, but you can order it for 10$.
Sightseeing Pripyat town: Lenin Street, the palace of culture, Polissya hotel, supermarket; Ferris wheel, the stadium, school, swimming pool and the hospital.
You'll visit huge secret station (the Russian Woodpecker, or brain scorcher).
Radiological control and return to Kiev

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Recorrido por Chernobyl desde la red de albergues DREAM HOSTELS
If your goal is to have unique experiences that will leave you with stories to tell your friends, we recommend choosing this tour. In fact, this is not exactly a tour, but an opportunity to spend a few hours in a new country with interesting people.
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Recorrido por Chernobyl desde la red de albergues DREAM HOSTELS
Anti-tour isn’t what it seems. While you do go on a tour of the city, you avoid the tourist trampled sight-seeing and get to see life through the eyes of a local. You will travel rarely used routes and see fascinating hidden corners of the city. Last and certainly not least, the anti-tour is run by a local resident of the city who will soon become your friend, as they ours.
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Recorrido por Chernobyl desde la red de albergues DREAM HOSTELS
Just like you, we know the pressures of having to pay attention to the steady flow of information day in and day out. A tour should not be one of those times. Travel is a way to escape and relax. We want to help you achieve this “balance” while experiencing new and exciting things in Kiev. Today, we offer you the quiet rhythm of a walk along the narrow streets of the city. We will visit some of our favorite places, which may not be as famous as St. Sophia Cathedral or Chernobyl, but will in fact be just as pleasurable an experience. It is not necessary to visit all the places in our itinerary. You can choose what is most interesting to you, even a single spot. And you are absolutely not required to listen to any guides. Just get lost in this new city!
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