Recorrido en autobús al centro geográfico de Europa

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Recorrido en autobús al centro geográfico de Europa
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Cena od 150 UAH
Cena od 150 UAH
Near the village of Business is a unique place - the geographical center of Europe (48 degrees 30 minutes north latitude - 23 degrees 23 minutes east longitude). It symbolizes the Stella and geodesic sign: "Constant, precise, eternal place ...". Business is located near the Ukrainian-Romanian border. On the opposite bank of the river Tisza - Romanian village Vishivska Sigot Valley District. Residents of the two neighboring countries in common with each other across the river.

The geographical center of Europe is located in the village of Business, 12 km. of Rakhiv. Here in 1887 was a memorial sign with an inscription in Latin, "Constant, precise, eternal place. Very precisely, with a special device, which is manufactured in Austria and Hungary, with scale of meridians and parallels, set the European Centre. 1887". Today it is a popular tourist site, which is very large and interesting market of souvenirs.

Nearby is Kolyba museum where collected antiques from the reign Gabcburgiv, the Czechoslovak Republic and the Soviet era. In the hut you can try national Hutsul dishes. Next tour takes place in the trout farm and the "Museum of the mountain ecology and nature stories in the Ukrainian Carpathians" in the territory of the NEO (Carpathian Biosphere Reserve).
Additional stop near the suspension bridge across the river Tisza.

Duration of the tour - 6:00

The tour group is available from 7 people

Price tours for smaller groups (less than 7 persons) is calculated individually. Details at administrator.

Note! Please bring a passport (border zone)

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  • 1 person 150 UAH

El plan de excursion

You go by the comfortable transport from the hostel to the geographical center of Europe in the Business Village, 12 km. of Rakhiv. Our guide will tell you about the history and characteristics of this place.
The next stop will be a visit to the museum-kolyby, where you can enjoy traditional dishes Hutsul cuisine and take a photo with interesting historical things from different eras.
Next you will go to the Museum of the ecology of the mountains, where our guide will tell you interesting facts about the nature of the Carpathian region and not only :)
Then your group will visit the trout farm, where you can see rare species of fish, and even buy a single dinner. By the way, you can cook it in the hostel BBQ area.
In the hostel you will be back on a suspension bridge over a swift mountain river Tisza, to which you will deliver our comfortable transport.

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Recorrido en autobús al centro geográfico de Europa
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