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Anti-tour with local - DREAM Hostels
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Anti-tour isn’t what it seems. While you do go on a tour of the city, you avoid the tourist trampled sight-seeing and get to see life through the eyes of a local. You will travel rarely used routes and see fascinating hidden corners of the city. Last and certainly not least, the anti-tour is run by a local resident of the city who will soon become your friend, as they ours.

A simple girl named Katia also works for our company. She is definitely not an expert in the ancient history of Ukraine and not a professional guide with already-trampled routes. Modern history is her element. She was one of the first to visit the renewed NAMU. She knows stories about almost all the murals of Kiev, and she knows where to find those products that only the locals buy. In addition, Katia is always in search of new points of interest and visits about 100 events a year in order to keep up with the life of the city.

Katia says that she is happy to share this information with you in her free time.

This tour is also unique in that there is no definite route. Travelers can choose themselves which restaurant to try, which mountain to climb and other destinations as well. Together with our tour leader, you can decide where you want to go today.

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Anti-tour with local - DREAM Hostels
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Anti-tour with local - DREAM Hostels
Just like you, we know the pressures of having to pay attention to the steady flow of information day in and day out. A tour should not be one of those times. Travel is a way to escape and relax. We want to help you achieve this “balance” while experiencing new and exciting things in Kiev. Today, we offer you the quiet rhythm of a walk along the narrow streets of the city. We will visit some of our favorite places, which may not be as famous as St. Sophia Cathedral or Chernobyl, but will in fact be just as pleasurable an experience. It is not necessary to visit all the places in our itinerary. You can choose what is most interesting to you, even a single spot. And you are absolutely not required to listen to any guides. Just get lost in this new city!
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