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DRUZI cafe - сafe chain for true friends!


Visiting DRUZI cafes you can be sure that you come to your friends who are always glad to see you. We have everything for having a good time with friends and finding new ones: board games, cheerful waiters, nice music and tastiest dishes from all over the world.


All cafes offer international cuisine and up to date seasonal menu.


DRUZI cafe are located in Kiev at the following addresses: Andriyvsky uzviz (descent) 2D and Prorizna st. 5.


Let's make friends at DRUZI cafe!


Druzi cafe





Escape Quest




Escape Quest is a completely new entertainment in Kiev. We lock a team of 2-4 people in a room, which is full of different logic puzzles. Their task is to get out during next 60 minutes. Let's search necessary items and small prompts, apply your logic and team spirit to solve puzzles and get out of the room! Escape Quests will be an unforgettable experience.


Games format "escape out of the room" is now widely popular in US, West Europe and Asian countries. In Ukraine you can also try your luck at Escape Quests in Kiev and other cities.


Playing Escape Quests does not need any special knowledge or physical strength.


Book the most convenient time for playing one of Escape Quests in Kiev!




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